Watsons Collagen Purifying Exfoliating Gel 100g X 2 Bottles For Skin Care

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Product details
Brand Watsons
Facial scrub/exfoliation products Collagen purifying softening exfoliating gel
Time to market 2016
Origin China
Cosmetics registration number/registration certificate number Guangdong g makeup network preparation number 2015032174
Merchant Xin zhi ruo lan
Product name Watsons collagen translucent peeling gel
Shelf life 3 years
Effect Exfoliate, brighten skin tone, deep cleanse
Specification type Normal specifications
Whether it is a special purpose cosmetic No
Manufacturer name Foshan wanying cosmetics co., ltd.
Production enterprise production license number Cantonese makeup 20160117

Gel - 200g 2 pieces - Watsons

Does your skin sometimes feel "ashy"? if you want it to be translucent and shiny, today i'm going give watsons collagen purifying exfoliating gel restore skin's radiance. this product is our oriental design yes, also has a moisturizing effect. isn't very considerate? contains mild enzymes that can soften cuticles make the soft smooth. not contain scrub particles, so don't have worry about hurting skin. cost-effective. 100g per use. , took long time

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