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After-Sale Service

If my received order has problems, what should I do? 
Don't worry. Please leave us message or send links of the item and photos to our Our service team will reply in 24 hours in workday. 

How to do when my package was hold by customs or if customs charge tariff? 
We would like to offer invoice and charge lower price, so you only need to pay tiny tariff to get the product. 

I haven't received my order for a long time. 
Please contact us immediately, we would check the product for you. 

What to do if Customs send back my order? 
We will send you an e-mail if we receive the order. If it is sent back by China Customs, we will repack and send to you for free. 

Can I return or exchange product if I am not satisfied with the received order? 
Yes. You could return to us if the product has problems, doesn't like the description or is not what you expect. If you want to exchange, we would like to contact the seller for you. Please make sure the packaging and tag remain intact before you return or exchange. 

I still don't receive my order although the track shows that my package arrives at my destination. 
You local post office might not contact you successfully. Please contact them about your package ASAP, in case your order was returned as no one wants. 

How do I complain if I don't satisfy with your service? 
Thanks for your support and supervision on eBuy7. You could send email to, or leave message through your account. We will reply in 24 hours in workday.