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1. About deliver time?
  • Re: Packing time 2-5days, Transport to Asian countries 5-7days. to European countries 8-15days, If parcel long time not received, Please contact us immediately.

2. About shipping methods?
  • Re: According to your order details that we will help you choose the best mode of transport, Unless you have special needs, Please note directly in the order.  

3. About shipping cost?

4. About payment security?
  • Re: Your transaction rights will be under by Paypal protected 180 days. If the payment fails, Perhaps this type of bank card not support by PayPal payment or you can call your local bank service to authorize the online payment function.

1-1. What is pay by invoice later payment method.

  • Re: Just for any unsure products and need further contact consultation,please use this payment method and submit your order as records to our website then we will based on your order details to contact you complete the order step by step.

5. About delivery area?
  • Re: All countries support transportation, No matter which country you come from.

6. Product are fake or genuine?
  • Re: Actually eBuy7 not sale anythings, We are just a purchase agent as introduced, For the final choice to buy or not we recommend reference to each product evaluation from other different buyers.

7. Product title & details etc.. not readable?
  • Re: The eBuy7 original language is Chinese and translated into multiple languages by google, Please switch your prefered language and currency at top left side.

8. Product in stock or out of stock?
  • Re: 99% items in stock, Please submit your order first, under special condition, The refund will be within 3 minutes once we confirmed.

9. About wholesale & discount?
  • Re: Our ultimate discount is 15%, Once your order total amount over 300$, then You can choose to pay Western Union to automatically enjoy the discount on our website.

10. Can we ship liquid and batter & powder & Toy guns & weapon etc ..product to our country?

  • Re: Liquid and any appearance like weapon products Prohibition of export to any country. Some countries allow the transport of batteries & powder etc undefined , we suggest contacting us before buying this type of goods.

11. Only 3 reasons why the order has not shipped! (not included 2-5days packaging cycle)

  • 1. item you purchased belong to prohibited goods can not be transported as our stated! (Once confirmed, Your payment will be refunded within 3 minutes)
  • 2. We have not received overweight cost if your final package has this situation. (The order will be canceled and full refund).
  • 3. Paypal payment and our website deliver address not the same. For secure transactions, Please ensure the consistency of the address.

12. Customs tax issues?

  • Re: Based on experience, You will not be pay customs tax if your order amount lower than 100-150$ for most of countries, You can also printing the invoice from your order details to complete the customs clearance procedure or contact us for more experience help.