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Dear Customer,

Thank you for your time to read this article. In order to efficiently find your target item and better understand,Please dose not overlook the introduction steps below.

Option 1.  Please feel free to register an account from eBuy7 or use login with PayPal functional quick register an account. We will unscheduled push some discount, promotion of high quality products to you via newsletter.

Option 2.  Try to use the search bar with product to find your target item,global language was supported, also can past TaoBao product links on our search bar, then the matching product will be found. 

               Tips: For some customer who know Chinese or come from China, we suggest switch website language to Chinese page then search with any Chinese keyword to get more actual results, Because other language keyword will be translated by google to Chinese language then Automatic search again, and accuracy is not high. eBuy7 Strongly recommended use Noun grammar or short keyword and or Model code to search your target item.

Option 3.  Customer can use photo search functional on our website top search bar.

               Tips: We sugget use photo with clear background, high quality panoramic, small picture sizes, then the system will find you more result.

Option 4. If item cannot be found by search keyword, then we still suggest you can fitter the product from left side of categories, or leave a message to our customer service ask for any help.

Option 5. When find your target item, Please select product options(if have) and add to your shopping cart or click button "PAY" then jump to checkout page and complete your purchasing directly.

Option 6. eBuy7 Provide a variety of transportation with payment options such as DHL/ FedEx / TNT/ EMS /e-Packet / e-Express / Special line, PayPal/ Credit card/ local bank transfer etc...

Option 7. Special Instructions, 'Pay Shipping later' shipping method means, We WILL CHARGE you shipping cost later when your package actual weight is confirmed.