A4 printing paper copy paper white paper 70g whole box 5 packaging a4 paper 500 sheets a4 office paper printing paper 80g draft paper free postage students use a4 paper printing paper whole box wholesale free shipping

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Product details
Brand Mutual trust
Model Cp-9001
Packing quantity More than 1000 sheets
Format A4
Manufacturer Anhui jiepin technology development co., ltd.
Merchant Uefa office supplies store
Packaging specifications 500x1 sheet
Weight 70g

Office stationery paper, selected high-quality raw paper raw materials, acid-free paper quality, healthy and environmentally friendly, not easy to be damaged, suitable for long-term use, withstand the test, the printing paper writes smoothly and is not easy to leak ink, absorbs the ink smoothly, and adopts the national class a quality standard , fine workmanship. acid-free paper, durable and available in a variety of numbers.

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