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Shopping for Hardware, Instruments, Ammeter State Grid Weisheng DTZY341 Juhua Huali Samsung three-phase four-wire smart meter remote multi-function meter overseas outlet from taobao in english agent shopping platform.

Special B grade FL-2 DC ammeter with 10A50A100A300A 75MV shunt
85L1-A AC Ammeter Pointer Ammeter 10mA-400/5A
85L1 ammeter / 85C1 ammeter voltmeter pointer type head DC table AC table 50/5A250V
42L6-A Pointer AC Ammeter 50/5 100/5 250/5 300/5 400/5A Full Specifications
Electronic single-phase meter rental room home high-precision AC meter energy meter fire table 220V
LED DC voltmeter DC4.5V-30V digital display two-wire digital meter voltage indicator display 12V/24V
99T1 type 99T1-A pointer type AC ammeter 1A2A3A5A10A15A20A25A30A40A50A
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