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Foreign Stamps

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NO042 North Korea Stamp 2000 Animals Monkey 2 Full Car Stamp Brand New
Korean Stamps 2000 Dinosaur Souvenir Sheets New Stamps
629 Cancellation of Foreign Stamps Bulgaria 1989 Plant Blossom Figure 4
Mozambique 1983 Series Transportation Cars Boats Rail Hiking 6 new CUB27
Antigua and Barbuda's 325 anniversary of the death of Rembrandt in 1993
WB009 New Foreign Stamps Greek Mythical Characters and Plants (3 pieces)
[New Baby] L1543 France 2000 Christmas Greetings Stamp Limit Film
M9674 Philippine 1987 Church 400 Religious Activities 3 Full
Around the 1900 (Romania) stamps 16
He Qiang Online Shop Foreign Stamps Cuba 1972 Collection Paintings 3 New Stamps C88
C6608 China T92 Children (with contributions) 1984 2 Full
Fiji 1985 Butterfly Flower 4V
Germany 1922-23, very rare aviation letter stamps 5, pigeons CV $ 60.75 VFU!
Foreign stamps Romania 1962 Celebrity writer Luga Karagari Souvenir Sheet 1 New
Russia 2006 Scenery Horse Riding Art Painting 3V
Austria 1987 Celebrity Music composer Grouk 200-year-old first day cover
[16e] Single Letter Stamp Overseas Stamp Collection #297
A0532 Austrian Stamps 1989 Industrial Technology Expo
Sao Tome Principe Flower 1979 Orchid 1V
Chang 111 Cheung Poultry Post 1
Mongolia 1994 World Football Championship - Maradona Sheetlet
U.S. stamp: 1948 writer Joel Chandler Harris (Shangpin) 1 Full
[Chongqing stamps] foreign stamps Deng Xiaoping and grandson
[Luo Fengxing] Tasmania 1891 Queen Victoria's revaluation of 2.5p new 3206
Germany 2002 - Politician Field 1 Brand New (MNH)
Netherlands Antilles Rabbit Zodiac Sheetlet
Law and Regulation Andorra 1984, Pyrenees Cultural Center 1 brand new MNH!
2008 Beijing Olympics Mascot Fuwa Stamps 5 Haiti Brand New Genuine Fidelity
Germany 1980 Prussian Museum of Art Sculpture Painting Paper of First Day of Birth
Belgian Long-tailed Animal 2008 Water Mare MS6
A1715 Austrian postage stamp 1972 3
Hungarian stamps 1969 50 years of Nagi’s death - self-portrait 1
France 2005 Provence Church Sculpture Architectural Scenery Limit Film (3744)
Hungarian Early Stamps / Building 1.7ft Letterhead - B103
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