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[Boutique] New Food Stamps for Hunan Province in 1974 Completed 6 Watermark Food Stamps
Treasure Military Tickets 60 People's Republic of China 1960 National High-end Collections
Yangzhou City Grain Reserve Reserve 1991
General Bureau of Materials Steel Tickets 1979 North China Food Stamps Tickets 79
Cultural Revolution varieties: Ningbo, Zhejiang, 1977 <buy coupons>
Yunnan Province 3 tickets in 1976
Guangxi 195X ---<non-contract work ticket> 12 total price: 3 varieties each 4
Jiangsu Nanjing Food Tickets Ticket Processing
Tiantai County Food Stamps 1996
Tianjin Food Tickets 1972 left blank
Loose-leaf, food stamp collection. Without food stamps
Miscellaneous 97 Years Shanxi Coal Quasi-sale Ticket Third Quarter 1 Ton
〓金屋藏珍〓 济 济 济 〓 济 济 济 济 济
[10 pieces] 89101 units 50 brigade logistics department internal fuel diesel 5 kg
[20 pieces] Non-production Electricity Tickets of Sanyou Office of Gaoyou County in 1978
Yunnan grain purchasing work vouchers 91 5,500 kg
<China Food Stamps> Collector's Book, containing 15 grain and oil cloths, three pages, gifts and gifts
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