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X5 preamp amplifier KTV professional karaoke OK digital reverb microphone anti-howling dsp audio processor
X5 preamp effect KTV dsp digital reverb microphone anti-howling karaoke OK audio processor
TLE A2000 Kara OK pre-effects KTV front reverb microphone amplifier anti-howling processor
Alctron/Ecktron DI120 Dual Passive DI Box DI BOX Stage Effect Impedance Converter
Fross/Boiling dsp9600 professional karaoke ok reverb preamp amplifier ktv digital equalization
SEBOR X6 pre-effects ktv professional original digital audio processor balanced anti-howling suppressor
Hi-vobo HD830 professional karaoke OK reverb stage family KTV pre-class private room project
Rhymes Music X5 Preamp KTV Digital Reverb Microphone Anti-howling Karaoke Audio Processing
DBX high power 8-way 10-way power sequencer/controller/sequencer/manager 8-way display
DBXSK-328 power sequencer 8-way 10-channel timing power controller with voltage display universal plug
Yacare / Yaqiao DSP-9600 anti-howling suppressor KTV preamp effect audio reverb processor
Professional anti-whistle vocal digital effects karaoke microphone reverb ktv balanced tuning processor
Effector/DSP-100 Effector/DSP-99/Professional Reverb/Digital Effecter
DEPUSHENG X5 professional pre-KTV microphone digital effects front anti-howling vocal microphone
SR-328 V 8 way 10 way power timing controller/manager/with voltage display
DBX DSP-99 professional pre-reverb effect amplifier KTV sound stage front tuning amplifier
Ashton 3.6SP 4.8SP Digital Audio Processor Stage Equalization Press Limit Professional Speaker Processor
Fross/Boiling M90 preamp amplifier KTV professional karaoke ok reverb feedback equalizer
Ash 3 in 6 out 4 in 8 out digital audio processor professional equalizer stage wedding effect processor
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