The NIU Controller is a device that is used to control the N1S Controller. It is a small, lightweight controller that can be used to control the N1S Controller from up to 100 meters away.

The NIU Controller has a built-in battery and can be charged with a USB cable. It also has an internal antenna for wireless communication with the N1S Controller.

Product Function: Improve power, Improve performance, Improve speed

Niu controller type included:



Mi Niu Controller

45-55 Third Generation Stable Version

MS/MQiS Mi Niu Controller

42-47 Third Generation Stable Version

M2/MQi2 Meter Cattle Controller

42-47 Three Generations Stable Version

U Series Second Generation Stable Version

F2 Dedicated Controller

U1D/M2S Dedicated Controller Cannot Use OKGO Mode

F2S Dedicated Controller

G2S Dedicated Controller

G0 Youth Edition Does Not Work

F0 Mi Niu Controller Three Generations Stable Version

G0-G1-G2 Mi Niu Controller Three Generations Stable Version

G0-G2-F0 Second Generation Dedicated Controller 38-40

F2 Dedicated Controller

C0 Dedicated Controller