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Cable ties

Shopping for Office Equipment, Ropes, tie, office wire, Cable ties Color 5*300 Width 3.6mm Factory Standard Red Yellow Blue Green Plastic Nylon Cable Tie Buckle Cable Management Belt 100 overseas outlet from taobao in english agent shopping platform.

One plastic nylon cable ties buckle small size 4 5350 x 200 300mm 8x 250 150
GB three-resistant nylon cable ties 5*150 5*200 5*250 5*300 5*350 5*400 5*450mm
Nylon Cable Tie 4*200mm 500 Color Self-locking Plastic Fixed Black and White Seal Bundle Tie Buckle
Self-locking nylon cable tie plastic pull buckle 5*300 4*150 8 x 200 250 300 400 500mm
10*400/600/650/700/800/900/1200mm Extra long large plastic nylon cable ties with dead dogs
Retractable nylon cable ties 8*600mm fixed buckle live buckle buckle plastic large detachable reuse
Self-locking nylon cable ties 10cm15cm20cm30cm plastic buckle white cable ties with wire harness
Self-locking nylon cable ties buckle large strong plastic cable ties 5*300 8500 4*200mm white
GB color 4*150 width 3.6mm storage finishing 100 plastic nylon self-locking cable tie two bags
8*450 detachable loose straps Nylon snaps can be used repeatedly.
10*450/550/650/720/760/1000/1500mm bulk extra long large nylon cable ties with dead dogs
GB nylon cable ties self-locking buckle plastic black cable ties 4*150 4*200 5*300 5*250
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