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Colored gemstones / precious stones

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Natural colored gemstones, Opal Tourmaline, Topaz, Grape, Ruby, etc.
Yuxin 2-5 carat natural tourmaline bare stone ring face colored gem setting inlaid Yuxin 47
Natural tourmaline bare stone ring face colored gem set with private custom carats Yu Xin 26
Natural blue topaz sky blue ellipse water drop round ring bare stone all net DIY
Free Natural Peridot Round Oval Peridot Naked Stone Inlay Custom Gem Ring Pendant
ENZO Jewelry Birthstone 18K Gold Coloured Pendant Necklace Topaz Peridot Purple Crystal Pendant
Guifei Four Crowns Natural Sapphire Ring in Sterling Silver 3*5mm Mining Area Sapphire
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