Delicious biscuits & puffed treats - choice of premium brands

Both biscuits and puffs are common snacks, which can be classified according to factors such as taste, raw materials, and shape. in terms of taste, biscuits have a variety of flavors such as sweet, salty, and milky, while puffed biscuits have different tastes such as crisp, crisp, and soft. in terms of raw materials, biscuits mainly use flour, sugar, oil, eggs, etc. as the main raw materials, while puffed biscuits use grains, beans, potatoes, etc. as the main raw materials. in terms of shape, biscuits have different shapes such as sandwich, strip, and round, while puffed biscuits have various shapes such as spherical, sheet, and strip. whether it is biscuit or puffed, there are many different brands and flavors for consumers to choose from.

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