Cute Student Desk Mat | Large Leather Writing Pad For Boss Table | Executive Desk Table Pad

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Product details
Brand Hmesi
Material Leather
Model Hmesixz001
Province Guangdong province
City Shenzhen
Gross weight 1
Origin Chinese mainland
Merchant Huameishi home furnishing flagship store
Package volume 65*45

Table Mat - Sky blue cowhide pattern [80*40cm] - Hmesi

Hey, is your desk the same as mine? it’s often greasy. once laptop put on it, it leaves scratches. makes me feel bad. but now i’m not afraid. i use a humax leather desk. pad like putting protective clothing for table. you are no longer afraid of greasiness and made pu has concave convex texture surface. gives classy look. its size super large suitable all kinds offices. desk, even mine can be easily used. in addition, many color options, including military green, light yellow, chocolate, dark gray, violet, purple, pink, sky blue, orange, brown, white, yellow. every pretty

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