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40P color DuPont line mother to mother male to female male to male 40 one row 10/20/30CM
ST-LINK V2 Debug Simulation Download Programmer Support STM32 / STM8 Development Board Burning
For arduinouno uno r3 starter kit Arduino learning board scratch maker
Pitch 2.54MM single/double row pin single/double pin pin 1*40P 2*40P copper pin color
Punctual atom explorer STM32F407 development board STM32F4 M4 stronger than MSP430 microcontroller
Digital tube 0.28 0.36 0.4 0.56 inch inch 1/2/3/4 bit yin yang red highlight
Glass fuse tube 5*20mm 0.5A~30A 250V mixed drive recorder cigarette lighter fuse
Rocker switch boat round rocker power switch red button 2 feet 6A 250V opening 20mm
Toggle switch 1P 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 bit 2.54mm pitch Dial code Red Blue
40P color DuPont line mother to mother male to male to mother 10/15/21/30/40CM pure copper
CAN Analyzer CANOpen J1939 DeviceNet USBCAN-2 USB to CAN compatible zlg
3*100mm color nylon cable ties 5 package black red blue yellow green
Super bright LED lamp beads 5730 white / warm white SMD LED light red blue green green yellow
Metal film resistor 1/2W 1% five color ring resistor 0.5 1K 4.7K 10K 120 Europe 5.1 ohm 1M
KCD4 Rocker Switch Boat Shape Rocker Power Button 4 Feet 6 Feet Light 16A 250V 31x25m
200ESD/201/202/203/204/205 tempered anti-static anti-reaction acid Nie sub-components
Usb print line 20 meters for Epson HP Canon printer one machine data cable
Mixed LCD power chip SMD eight-legged SOP repair common accessories
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