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Shopping for 3C Digital Accessories, Electronic components market, Electronic devices ?5MM LED lights Colorful LEDs 5MM round heads Colorful slow flashing flash alternate 20 overseas outlet from taobao in english agent shopping platform.

Genuine authentic L7805CV 1.5A Linear Regulator 5.0V 1.0A Positive TO-220
Patch SOT-23 AO3400 MOS FET 3A20
5MM LED light Colorful LED 5MM round head Colorful slow flash flash alternate 20
5mm LED bulb LED component package inline LED lamp beads red green yellow blue white 5 each 20
Patch SMA 1N5819 SS14 Schottky Diode 214 Package 50
Original authentic L7812CV 1.5A three-terminal regulator circuit +12V TO-220
Transistor S8550 TO-9250 only
3528/1210 SMD LED Seven Colors Bright LED Lights RGB Colorful 20
100 rectifier diodes 1N4007 rectifier components IN4007 1A/1200V
Original authentic SS8050 silk screen Y1 SOT-23 NPN 25V/1.5A patch transistor 20
Transistor S8550 8550 0.5A/40V PNP Power Transistor TO-92 50
Wing Union Schottky Diode 锗 Detector Diode 1N60P IN60P Package DO-35 50
翼盟 Stabilization Diode 1N4742 IN4742A Inline Glass Regulator 1W 12V 50
Common diode package 100 only contains 1n4148/1n4007/FR107/5819/5408/5822, etc.
Schottky diode SR5100 inline can replace SB5100 1K140 yuan
0805 SMD LED Highlight White White LEDs White Light 20
Component package Diode package 1N4148 1n4007 FR107, etc. Total 100
5050 SMD LED Colorful LED RGB Full Color 10
Original authentic 1N4148 DO-35 75V/200mA in-line switching diode 20
L7805CV three-terminal regulator circuit TO-220
UF4007 ultra fast rectifier diode 1A/1000V 20
Wing Union Transistor S9018 Low Power Transistor 50MA/30V NPN Inline TO-92 50
5MM/F5 foggy full color LED common yang four-legged RGB controllable colorful lights LED 10
Patch Transistor SS/S8050/S8550/S9013/S9014/J3Y/Y1/Y2/2TY/J3/J6/1AM
2N3055 N3055 TO-3 15A 100V 115W NPN gold seal high power transistor 5
1N5408 IN5408 3A/1000V In-line high power rectifier diode 20
3MM/F3 white hair red LED light bulb transparent round red light super bright short foot 10
Original authentic L7815CV 1.5A/+15V three-terminal regulator circuit TO-220
0402/0603/0805/1206/3528/3020 SMD LED light-emitting diode lamp common component package
1206 SMD LED Highlight Red Red LED 20
ZMM chip regulator diode package 3V-39V a total of 14 kinds of 20 each LL34 1206 package
SS34 SK34 SMD Schottky Diode 1N5822 C Type 3A/40V10 Only
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