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WB series button end with button wire cable with PVC snap sleeve cable end cable end
WPC Series Sticky End Band Buckle End Band Robotic Wire Cloth Velcro Sleeve Bundle
New material automatically ends with pe plastic rope No. 28 machine with advanced end belt
Taiwan Kass KSS roll type end winding tube bobbin KS-10BK width 12.3mm black
Yuelian OPP straps
Authentic Taiwan Kass KSS roll end winding tube bobbin KS-10 width 12.3mm white
End band strapping baler special rope machine with new material tearing tape
Authentic Taiwan Kass KSS roll-type end with winding tube bobbin KS-15 width 15.5mm white
Authentic Taiwan Kaishi KSS roll end winding tube bobbin KS-6L width 7.4mm white
Automatic end band pe end band End band Bundling baler special rope Domestic 12 rolls
Button end belt buckle protection belt wire protection sleeve cable covered pipe fire retardant PC-120
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