English For Life Writing A2 Level Cambridge KET Examination Book

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Isbn number 9780007497768
Author Kirsten campbell-howes
Published date 2013
Imported book classification Exam/certification
Number of pages 128
Paper Offset paper
Language English
Text language English
Version Paperback
Merchant Century huadian books store
Publisher name Collins
Subtitle English for life writing
Author's region U.k.
Format 32 open
Binding type Binding

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Isbn number: 9780007497768, Author: Kirsten campbell-howes, Published date: 2013, Imported book classification: Exam/certification, Number of pages: 128, Paper: Offset paper, Language: English, Text language: English, Version: Paperback, Merchant: Century huadian books store, Publisher name: Collins, Subtitle: English for life writing, Author's region: U.k., Format: 32 open, Binding type: Binding

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