Han Shu Baiman Waist Cream 50g: Hydrating And Whitening Skin Care

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Product details
Brand Kans
Facial massage cream single product Han shu facial cream
Origin China
Suitable for skin type Any skin type
Cosmetics registration number/registration certificate number National makeup special character g20202151
Merchant Tmall supermarket
Effect Moisturizing
Specification type Normal specifications
Whether it is a special purpose cosmetic Yes
Manufacturer name Shanghai shangmei cosmetics co., ltd.
Expiration date range 2029-05-01 to 2030-04-01
Production enterprise production license number Shanghai makeup 20180004

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Brand: Kans, Facial massage cream single product: Han shu facial cream, Origin: China, Suitable for skin type: Any skin type, Cosmetics registration number/registration certificate number: National makeup special character g20202151, Merchant: Tmall supermarket, Effect: Moisturizing, Specification type: Normal specifications, Whether it is a special purpose cosmetic: Yes, Manufacturer name: Shanghai shangmei cosmetics co., ltd., Expiration date range: 2029-05-01 to 2030-04-01, Production enterprise production license number: Shanghai makeup 20180004

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