Acceleration Relay

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New relay G2R-1-SN
One year warranty current time conversion device DJ1-E 220V original Xu Ji products
Wenzhou Dahua Time Accumulator DHC3L-6A Industrial Timer 999999h59m AC Voltage Input
Original Schneider Small intermediate relay RXM4LB2P7 Coil AC220V 14 feet
Speed ​​relay JY1-2A 500V machine type
JY1 speed relay 2A 500V speed relay
Original Schneider Relay 220V AC RXM2LB2P7 RXM2LB2BD 5A 8 feet 2 open 2 closed
Schneider plug-in intermediate relay Small RXM4AB2BD DC24V four open four closed
Speed ​​relay JY1-2A 500V machine type
Xinling brand phase sequence protection relay APR-3 AC380V In stock
JY1 speed relay 2A 500V speed relay
Native Schneider Schneider Thermal Overload Relay LRE32N LR-E32N 23-32A
Original authentic LS production (LG) programmable controller PLC K7M-DR20UE
Wenzhou Dahua DHC Accumulator DH48L TIMER Timer Accumulative Timer
SRD-24VDC-SL-C DC24V (24VDC) Relay (10A)aa
Microwave Oven Relay 302WP-1AH-C M02 12V-DC 17A-20A Relay 17-20A
Original authentic special offer Omron power relay G8P-1A4P-24VDC DC 30A open and close
Guangdong Lide produced intermediate relay RH2B-UL composite silver point quality
C-Lin Xinling Rotary Encoder GK38-100 200 360 400 500 600 800 1000
Authentic Xinling Intelligent Motor Monitor HHD1B-FZ (160~800A)
Xinling time relay HHM4-H HHM5-H (discontinued can be replaced by HHM3-H) DC24V
Relay G6K-2F-Y-5VDC Omron Patch G6K-2F-Y-DC5V G6K-2F-Y-5V
LS Power Generation (LG) AC Contactor (Electromagnetic Contactor) GMC-75 AC220V
TIANBO HJR-3FF-S-Z (24VDC) Relay (10A)
TIANBO (L-12VDC) Relay (20A)
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