High-Profile Silk Protein Moisturizing Cream For Women's Cosmetics - Genuine Counter Moisturizing Cream

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Product details
Brand Cogi
Facial massage cream single product Silk protein deeply nourishing moisturizer
Origin China
Cosmetics registration number/registration certificate number Guangdong g makeup network preparation number 2017064759
Merchant Gaozi duogou store
Product name High profile silk protein moisturizing cream
Effect Moisturizing
Specification type Normal specifications
Whether it is a special purpose cosmetic No
Manufacturer name Shanghai xingaozi cosmetics co., ltd. guangzhou branch
Expiration date range 2024-06-01 to 2024-06-30
Production enterprise production license number Cantonese makeup 20160112

Moisturizer - 50g - Cogi

Hello everyone~ today i’m going to give you a super easy-to-use facial cream - gaozi silk protein nourishing moisturizing cream. it is definitely hydrating tool for the skin. its core ingredient natural protein, which can penetrate deep into bottom layer of skin and replenish lost moisture moisturized elastic. also has blessing moisture-locking magnets sodium hyaluronate, great effect won't feel dry all day long. texture light, easy spread, absorbs quickly not greasy. sensitive be used with confidence. there no added alcohol, coloring or fragrance, so very friendly yes, nickname called "bang bang cream" because using it, your will become plump shiny.

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