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IC integrated circuit / motor

Shopping for 3C Digital Accessories, Electronic components market, IC integrated circuit, motor Genuine authentic patch MAX3232ESE+T SOIC-16 chip RS232 transceiver overseas outlet from taobao in english agent shopping platform.

Genuine authentic AMS1117-3.3 Power IC Buck IC Linear Regulator LDO SOT-223
Original WCH SOP-16 CH340G USB to serial port chip
Risym LM358P LM358 Inline DIP8 Dual Operational Amplifier IC Chip
NE555P NE555 Inline DIP-8 Timer Programming Oscillator IC Chip 10
Patch MPU-6050 Chip Gyro/Accelerometer 9 Axis Programmable I2C QFN-24
Brand new original LA78041 LA78040 field scan integrated chip
STM32F103C8T6 STM32F103 LQFP48 ST MCU MCU Integrated Circuit IC Italian
JQ8900-16P voice module chip serial port control USB direct copy music module MP3 sound quality
New Import STM8S003F3P6 STM8S103F3P6 TSSOP20 Microcontroller Chip
NE555DR NE555 SOP-8 Programming Oscillator IC Timer Time Circuit Chip 10
74HC138 SN74HC138N 38 decoder/decoder
In-line 74HC138 / Sanba decoder / decoder DIP-16
Original authentic L7805ABV chip regulator 5V TO-220 industrial grade
New spot SN74LS32N 74LS32 DIP-14 four sets of 2 input or gate positive logic
Original Genuine Patch L78M05CDT-TR TO-252-2 Chip Fixed Linear Regulator
STM32F103C8T6 ST original brand new LQFP-48 32-bit microcontroller CORTEX M3 64K
New AMS1117-3.3 /1..2/1.5/1.8/2.5/3.3/5.0/ADJ SOT223 package
Brand new original STM32F407VET6 LQFP-100 STM32F407VGT6 microcontroller chip
Inline DS1302 DS1302N Clock Circuit / Clock / Timing - Real Time Clock DIP-8
Spike promotion MUSES02 imported dual op amp upgrade OPA2604AP LME49720 SE5532AFE
Patch SOT23-5 LTC4054 LTC4054ES5-4.2 LTH7 Lithium Battery Charging Chip IC
KT404A voice chip ic program MP3 music USB burning flash insert tts low-cost alarm
NE555 NE555P Inline DIP-8 High Precision Timer IC New Spot NE555N
In-line DS1302 clock circuit / clock / timing - real time clock DIP-8
Brand new original TDA7388 CD7388CZ YD7388 car audio power amplifier chip ZIP-25 foot
Original authentic SOT23-5 RT9013-33GB regulator LDO 3.3V/500mA output
20 regulator chip AMS1117-3.3 ASM1117 SOT-223 patch
SD6832 SD6834 VIPER12A/22A/17L Switching Power Management IC IC Integrated Block
Yunhui MCU chip STC89C52RC-40I-PDIP40 industrial grade DIP40
Genuine authentic patch STM32F429IGT6 LQFP176 180MHz 1MB 32-bit microcontroller
DS1302 DS1302N Inline DIP-8 Clock Timing Real Time IC Chip 5
Xikang Taiwanese chip APM4953A SOP-8 SP4953 dual P-channel enhancement MOSFET chip
NE555P NE555 NE555N NE555AN Inline DIP8 single high precision timer chip
Risym Time Base Circuitry NE555 NE555DR Programming Oscillator Timer Patch SOP8 10
Original authentic Patch AD620ARZ SOP-8 chip Instrumentation amplifier SOIC-8
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