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IC integrated circuit / motor

Genuine authentic AMS1117-3.3 Power IC Buck IC Linear Regulator LDO SOT-223
AMS1117-3.3V IC chip linear LDO integrated power supply SOT-223 step-down IC10
Original Patch SOT23-6 SX1308 B628 Boost Chip IC IC
Import quality assurance STM32F103C8T6 STM32F103CBT6 LQFP48 64K flash chip
Original authentic Patch LM393DR SOIC-8 chip Dual voltage comparator
Risym AMS1117-5.0V power regulator chip package SOT223 regulator LDO 10
TDA2030A TDA2030 TO-220 Linear Audio Amplifier D-4
Original STC macro crystal STC15W408AS-35I-SOP16 single chip integrated circuit IC chip
New AMS1117-3.3 /1..2/1.5/1.8/2.5/3.3/5.0/ADJ SOT223 package
LM324N LM324 Quad Operational Amplifier Inline Chip IC Integrated Block
Patch MPU-6050 Chip Gyro/Accelerometer 9 Axis Programmable I2C QFN-24
Original authentic patch TPS5430DDAR SOIC-8 chip buck regulator
Original authentic SOT23-5 RT9013-33GB regulator LDO 3.3V/500mA output
4-20ma to rs485modbus analog acquisition module 8-channel current and voltage input isolation daqm4206
AMS1117-3.3 High Efficiency Linear Drop Regulator SOT223 Chip 1.2V 2.5V 2.85V New
UC3842AN UC3842 Inline DIP PWM Pulse Width Modulation IC Chip 5
Patch AMS1117-3.3V/1.2/1.5/1.8/2.5/5.0/ADJ Power Regulator IC SOT-223
Brand new original SR5200 MBR5200 SB5200 5A/200V Schottky rectifier linear diode
Patch TO-263-6 LM2596S-ADJ regulator circuit step-down
Patch 74HC595D 8-bit serial register SOP-16
VIPER12A Induction Cooker Switch Power Module Management Chip IC Inline DIP8 Foot
Original authentic CJA1117B-3.3 SOT-89 1A/3.3V/0.5W voltage regulator circuit chip 5
In-line TL494CN TL494 power pulse width modulation integrated circuit DIP-16 quality stable
New FGA25N120 FET Induction Cooker Power Tube
Risym SN74HC573N 74HC573N Octal D-Type Latches DIP20 IC Chips
Original authentic Patch W25Q32JVSSIQ IC FLASH 32MBIT 104MHZ 8SOIC
CD4017BE CD4017 Chip 4000 Series CMOS Logic Device DIP16
New LM1875 LM1875T TO-220 20W Audio Power Amplifier
Original power chip FAN7602B universal FAN7602C
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