1:48 straight 10 armed helicopters straight 10 WZ-10 model aircraft simulation model alloy ornaments retired gifts

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Brand True Brothers
HM Series Helicopter
Proportion 1:48
Color Classification 1:48
Model Type Finished Product

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Product Q & A

How about the performance of WZ-10 attack helicopters?

gear; main rotor consists of all-composite blades 5, about 12 meters in diameter, the tail rotor is a flexible glass fiber 4 using the traditional layout latifolia -10 ... Wu.

WZ-10 armed helicopters how much money

$ 45 million; Indian media reported that India for $ 1.4 billion purchase of 22 AH-64D "longbow Apache" attack helicopters this year, ...

Straight straight 10 and 20 armed helicopters What is the difference

A: Z-10 armed helicopters, Harbin Z-20 is a universal transport helicopter, two helicopters have completely different location

Our WZ-10 and Eurocopter Tiger helicopter gunships Who is stronger?

power, because the engine is limiting the arms straight flight, load, range and other performance ten. we can only look forward to domestic engine can be reduced as soon as possible ...

Which you can tell where to buy high-end model Z-10 helicopter gunships ...

A: You want to buy the finished product, in every present later have purchase, but the price is not cheap, if you want to buy a version of the assembly, to Taobao, choose a close to home, cheap affordable.

Straight straight 10 and 20 armed helicopters What is the difference?

2, different prototypes, WZ10 is a medium-sized helicopters, refer to the Eurocopter tiger, Z20 reference to the US Black Hawk helicopter ...

WZ-10 and the European Tiger helicopter which pretty much?

-10 engine encountered a bottleneck, the United States imported engine was seized domestic power shortage, directly affect the WZ-10 ...

When straight 10 armed helicopters armed forces

ability .WZ-10 coming with the Z-11 light helicopter overhead with a sight of goal achieved, can fully meet the enemy attack in the shelter ...

Straight 10 armed helicopter engine is which model?

but a lot of power on smaller, tactical worse performance than some prototypes, but now 16 turboshaft engine has been developed, wait ...

Chinese WZ-10 is equipped with a number WZ-19 Z-8 and 11 straight

130 However, according to the UK statement, as of 2013 only had 75 straight ...