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Underwear lengthen buckle three rows of three-button buckle bra lengthen 3 pack

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Product specifics
Brand Zitong
Model S Extension
Color Classification Color Random 3 Rows 3 Buckles Color Random Unselectable 3 Rows 4 Buckles Color Random Unselectable 3 Rows 5 Buckles Color Random Unselectable 4 Rows 5 Buckles Color Random Unselectable

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Product Q & A

Who underwear extended buckle buckle longer used?

buckles, buckle or three, you're looking to extend the appropriate button to add, I also useful to extend the deduction, will not affect the appearance, very good use.

What does the underwear extension button mean?

The tightness of the bottom circumference, however, there are many times when it can't be adjusted to a more suitable position, so there is such a bra with a long underwear button ...

What's the underwear extension button?

A: For example, if someone wears a 75a perimeter that is too small, and a 80a perimeter is too large, then buy a 75a plus an extension buckle. After a period of time, the underwear hem is loose, and the extension buckle is not necessary

Does a bra with a lengthened buckle affect development?

Only have paramilk, pay attention,

Are you going to sew the bra extension?

Answer: In general, there is a sticky interface. If not, you can directly hook the hook between the long buckle and the bra to achieve a fixed effect.

How about bra extensions?

Underwear is more suitable for women with smaller breasts, and the effect of gathering is first related to the width and length of the shoulder straps. Generally small breasts ...

Bra lengthen buckle easy to use it is sewn on it

A: If at the time the body changes, especially the fat, and then you can choose to lengthen buckle lengthening buckle is interlocking, unnecessary seams.

Urban Beauty Lingerie Accessories

It is a bit chromatic, and it is recommended that the breasts cannot be cleaned often and are easy to rust. I hope to give you a little help.

Ask the city where there are bra extensions

A: Some of them are sold in the small commodity market, and they are specialized in selling pregnant women's clothes and children's clothes. You can ask them to take them out. Two or three pieces! View original post >>

Can the bra be seen with an extension button?

There is a slight deviation, which will cause a situation, the cup is very suitable, but the size of the bust under the bottom of the bra is awkward, and it can't be buckled ...