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304 stainless steel with 316 stainless steel with a stainless steel coil spring strap thin steel strip

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Product specifics
Model 304201316316L301
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Origin China Mainland
Province Shanxi Province
City Taiyuan
Color Classification Quote Photographed According To Specifications,0.01mmx100mmx One Meter Long Steel Foil Shredded,0.02mmx100mmx One Meter Long Steel Foil Shredded,0.03mmx100mmx One Meter Long,0.04mmx100mmx One Meter Long,0.05mmx100mmx One Meter Long,0.08mmx100mmx One Meter Long,0.1mmx100mmx One Meter Long,0.1mmx200mmx One Meter Long,0.15mmx100mmx One Meter Long,0.15mmx200mmx One Meter Long,0.2mmx100mmx One Meter Long,0.2mmx200mmx One Meter Long,0.3mmx100mmx One Meter Long,0.3mmx200mmx One Meter Long,0.5mmx100mmx One Meter Long,0.5mmx200mmx One Meter Long,0.6mmx100mmx One Meter Long,1mmx100mmx One Meter Long,0.1mmx20 / 50mmx1m Need Remarks,0.2mmx20 / 50mmx1m Need Remarks,0.3mmx20 / 50mmx1m Need Remarks,0.4mmx20 / 50mmx1m Need Remarks,0.5mmx20 / 50mmx1m Need Remarks

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