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304 stainless steel spoon thickening spoon home dining more spoon spoon spoon spoon creative cute children cartoon spoon

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Product specifics
Brand HESInLY/He Xingli
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Place Of Origin China Mainland
Color Classification Round Spoon 1 Zodiac Pig / Key 1 Zodiac Pig / Round Spoon 1
Cutlery Spoon Products Main Meal
Item Number 304 Spoon
Source Of The Image Self-real Shot
Whether It Is Handmade Yes

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Product Q & A

The difference between spoon spoon

OK, a spoonful of the big one may be to add liquid-like things. These are the approximate amount, of course, how much put affects the taste. But the secrets of others...

How many milliliters a spoonful

Ordinary household spoons, the approximate conversion method used in the recipe is as follows: 1 tablespoon 15 ml a teaspoon 5 ml soup spoon tea spoon

/ Question. What is the difference between soup spoon and spoon?

Soup, the concept of the same work, so people call the behavior meaning the same is the same soup spoon you can refer to the spoon, ridicule can not be referred to as 羹,...

Why do southerners call spoons for teasing?

The word is at least in the Tang Dynasty, but it does not refer to the spoon at first, but then gradually has a variety of extensions, which can refer to national political affairs, but also can refer to...

Chopsticks, who is the spoon when invented?

In the coastal areas, there are some residents of Longshan Culture in Dawenkou. They are spoons made of sticks, with sticks, with the shape of a spoon, then add one...

Spoon, spoon, fork, how to say in English?

Stop messing with the spoon and finish your Breakfast. Don't get the spoon to get it, fast...

Is there a difference between spoon and spoon??

You can't call it a spoon, it can only be called a spoon. Oh, I don't know if you feel it.