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4000W power SCR dimmer speed electronic regulator thermostat overload and short circuit protection 0-220V

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Product specifics
Model 4000W High-power Thyristor
Brand XHCN / 俽 航
Color Classification SCR Governor Plastic Shell Knob Under SCR Governor Plastic Shell Button Models

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Product Q & A

I have a 4000W SCR regulator 0--220V regulation, to give the 1 ...

A: can be measured with a voltmeter or a small voltage across the lamp measured with a multimeter voltage profile, beginning from the voltage 0V adjustment, not more than 12V.

10 cm long, 3 kilowatts electric wire, with 0220V, 4 kilowatts ... Thyristor

A: 4 kilowatts thyristor regulator may be used in 80% 3.2KW 3Kw .4KW a resistive load, 3KW, theoretical calculation is safe.

I want to use 0-10v adjustable lamp brightness adjustment 220v AC

A: I suggest you add a bridge rectifier, then the triac thyristor can be changed to one-way.

I want to adjust the transformer secondary with SCR, the load is 5 cm long electric wire ...

A: You can use this, you can adjust the temperature!