Accessories Lexing world P1 micro electric car mini scooter special accessories pedal inner tube tire disc brake

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Brand INMOTION/Lexing World
Color Classification P1 Rear Tire,Turn Handle,P1 Front Mudguard,P1 Front Pedal,P1 Fork Black,P1 Rear Disc Brake,P1 Rear Mudguard,P1 Parking Rack,P1 Front Tire,P1 Center Pedal,P1 Front Disc Brake,Saddle Tyrant Gold,P1 Inner Tube,Charger,P1 Motor,Disc Brake Disc,P1 Rear Light,P1 Left Brake Lever,P1 Right Brake Lever,P1 Front Inner Tube,P1 Bottom With Battery 4.4AH White,P1 Headlight,P1 High Battery 8.7AH,P1 Low Battery 4.4AH Black

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