Free shipping genuine color ghost supply ink suitable for Epson printer compatible ink

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Product specifics
Brand Another Ghost
Model EPSON-100ml
Applicable Brands Epson
Net Weight 100mL
Color Classification Pointed Mouth EP-LM Light Red,Pointed Mouth EP-BK Black,Pointed Mouth EP-LC Light Blue,Pointed Mouth EP-C Dark Blue,Pointed Mouth EP-Y Yellow,Pointed Mouth EP-M Dark Red,A Set Of 6 Colors Free Shipping,A Set Of 4 Colors,Shipping From 6 Bottles / Not Enough 6 Bottles To Make Up The Postage

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Product Q & A

Can Epson ink cartridge printers use alternative ghost ink

The ghost ghost ink of the model printer, although it can print normally, but the quality of the printed photos and the storage time, just ...

Can Epson L351 ink cartridge printer directly add other compatible ink ...

Answer: L351 is originally a printer without ID input. If your ink can be printed normally, you can use it normally.

The printer is hp1000, can Epson's special ghost ink be used?

Ink and oil-based ink are absolutely not allowed to be mixed in the same print head. The shelf life of ink is generally two years, ink ...

Epson 1390 printers now use fake alternative color ghost general ink ...

Difficult. For the life of the nozzle, it is better to replace the continuous supply.

Epson R330 changed the alternative color ghost for continuous use of ink and felt the print quality ...

It ’s no longer a guarantee! After all, printer manufacturers mainly make money from ink!

Can Epson l805 printer use another color ghost ink

The rate should also be lower! If there is a problem, you can guarantee it for free-it is more worry-free, the quality of the original ink is better, and the color cast will be less!

My Epson R270 six-color printer always prints photos with red background ...

. Note: Replace the nozzle to disassemble the machine, you need to contact the after-sales personnel to replace it to avoid secondary damage.

The EPSON inkjet printer L1300 can use another color ghost or Tianwei ...

Otherwise, there will be a large color cast phenomenon!

Epson printers that have been used with another ghost ink can also use hot transfer ...

The ink is actually water-based disperse dye ink, non-solvent type, miscible with water, if you used water-based pigment ink before, replace the heat transfer ...

Compatible inks of Epson inkjet printers, Kang Cai and another color ghost, which is better than ...

Answer: Domestic inks are all bird-like, and technology can't do anything. For example, even the supply has been so many years, in terms of materials and wiring, it is still not as good as the original supply ink tank.