Authentic Japanese VAPE three times the next 150 days electronic insect repellent mosquito tasteless mute pregnant baby available

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Product specifics
Brand VAPE / Future
Application Of Space Bedroom
Packing Packed
Color Classification 150 Days Mosquito Repellent With Core,200-day Mosquito Repellent With Core,150-day Replacement Core,Single Mosquito Repellent Without Core,Vape Insect Repellent Spray Pink,Vape Insect Repellent Spray Green
Appearance Conventional

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Product Q & A

How much will the original Japanese vape mosquito repellent electronics sell in Japan for 150 days

Decathlon sells them all.

Difference between vape 150 days and 125 days


Is the vape150 day mosquito repellent useful?


What is the difference between Japanese vape mosquito repellent 150 and 200

Answer: It is the difference between 150 days and 200 days. 200 can use 1600 hours. It is recommended to use 8 hours per day, so 200 days can be used.