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Applicable for Benali Retro BJ500 Lions 500 Retrofit Gearshift Adjustable Gearshift Gear Fitting Gearshift Gear

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Product specifics
Brand Accossato / Chuanou Lux
Model Young Lion 500 Gearshift
Color Classification Silver,Red,Black

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Product Q & A

Benelli Cub 500 is a short man opened it

A: watching short, in fact, not short, to see how much the height

Benelli Cubs top speed of 500 is how much? If the package with sides about ...

enough. package edge touches with good, the price is generally 300 up, or quality drops several times ah, you want to take this car is retro range of children.

Can the Benali Lion Lion 500 motorcycle be equipped with a rear tailstock? How to put the helmet ...

Answer: This problem is very troublesome. I also often worry about this. I usually attach it to the car bumper. My motorcycle is equipped with an anti-theft device. Other people will call the police as soon as they touch the car. Others dare not steal the helmet ...