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Boboba puppies dog shower gel dog bath set full schnauzer than bear daily supplies universal

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Product specifics
Brand Bobo
Net Weight 500ML Or More
Color Classification Decontamination 400ML Cat Special 400ML
Item Number BO-2018B
Suitable General Purpose
Efficacy Beauty Hair / Hair Care

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Product Q & A

Teddy, Schnauzer, which is better than bears?

Mao, if you can't see it, so this aspect is relatively straightforward. Teddy is the most sticky and obedient, but the courage is really too small, and Teddy's general digestive system is not very good...

Ask a newbie for the first time to raise a dog. Bichon or Schnauzer or Keji

The dog, the bear's hair will always be long, and the Schnauzer is a terrier. Secondly, the bear is the smallest, the Keke is the largest, the Schnauzer and the mini Ted are almost the same...

Which of the three Teddy, Schnauzer and Bichon are the most gentle at home?

Compared with Teddy Schnauzer, compared with Teddy Schnauzer, the bear is also a dog with few hair loss, and the Champions dog food is not much more than the bear's food consumption. This is...

What is the schnauzer and the bears? What do you think my dog ​​is...

So big, generally weighs less than 10 pounds. The little baby is still very beautiful, so good to her! No matter what kind of product it is, is it a member of your family?

Than Xiong, Schnauzer or Teddy?

I don't like children very much. These 3 kinds of dogs can watch the house. No dog is especially fond of biting. See how you teach...

Shiba Inu, Bichon, Teddy and Schnauzer, which is the cutest, well-behaved, good?

It is often necessary to be accompanied by someone. If you don't have enough time, it is not suitable for raising a bear dog. And, to maintain its best form, you need to comb daily than a bear dog...

I want to raise a small dog like Bomei, Yorkshire, Teddy, Bichon, Schnauzer...


How is the character of the bear dog, how is the IQ?

Because the bear dog is petite and has a white puff, it is loved by many girls. Before raising the bear dog, it is customary to ask, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the bear...