Bobo dog pet dog shower gel bath with black ash 泰迪拉布拉 more than a full dedicated puppy supplies

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Product specifics
Brands Popo
Net Weight 500ML More
Color Classification 400mL 400mL Insecticide Refreshing Moisturizing Anti-itch 400ML 400ML Custom Reddish Brown Teddy Bichon Customized 400ML
Article Number BO-2018B
Suitable General
Efficacy US Gross / Hair Care

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Product Q & A

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Mao, or else can not see, so this more regulation point, Teddy is the most sticky, but also more obedient, but courage is really too small, and Teddy common digestive system is not very good ...

Neighborhoods novice first dog. Bichon Schnauzer is still Corgi

the dog has been longer than the hair will bear, but Schnauzer is a terrier. Secondly, the minimum size than the bear, Corgi's largest size, and mini Schnauzer Teddy similar size ...

Family raised Teddy, Schnauzer and Bichon three which most tender

mild compared to many. Teddy Schnauzer comparison, Bichon dog is very little lint, and does not bear much more than eat eat dog food of the Champions League, is this ...

Schnauzer Bichon string with sawed out? Look at my dog ​​which product ...

so big, in general body weight. baby looks very handsome in less than 10 pounds, good on her oh! no matter what species it is, you are a family, is not it?

Bichon good, Teddy Schnauzer good or good?

children do not like these three kinds of dogs can be no housekeeping dog bite is particularly fond of watching how you teach ...

Shiba Inu, than the bear, Teddy and Schnauzer, which is the most lovely, well-behaved, easy to keep?

often need someone, there is no sufficient time is not suitable for a Bichon Frize and, to keep its best form, Bichon dogs need daily comb ...

I want to keep a small dog, like a Pomeranian, Yorkshire, Teddy, Bichon, snow satisfied ...


Bichon Frize personality, how about IQ

Bichon dog because petite, white hair puff, so get a lot of girls love. before breeding Bichon Frize, are in the habit of ask, Bichon what advantages and disadvantages ...