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British hair floating back Children learn swimming kickboard waist float teaching equipment foam buoyancy board 4 pieces boys and girls back drift

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Product specifics
Brand Yingfa
Color Classification Recommended Waist Circumference Within 78 Cm
Water Board Type Square Plate
Time To Market Fall 2018
Item Number 009
Whether The Mall With The Same Paragraph Yes

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Product Q & A

Which is more buoyant, inflatable back float or EVA back float

Answer: the inflatable back float and EVA back float, such as the same volume, inflatable back float received by the buoyancy or can provide greater buoyancy than EVA back float

Children swims vest what reason is children buoyancy vest not life jacket float to rise

Answer: this depends on the children's buoyancy vest you buy what kind of material, good is certainly no problem, poor quality or air leakage may be,

Vest buoyancy suit and swimming ring which good

A: that depends on whether you want to learn swimming, just to play with the water you can use a swimming ring, if you want to learn a little swimming, then the swimming ring certainly not, completely restricted your physical activity, the recommendation is to use a buoyancy vest, something like this