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British hair floating back children learn swimming kickboard waist float teaching equipment swimming buoyancy 4 tablets boys and girls 1501 back drift

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Product specifics
Time To Market Summer 2017
Brand Yingfa
Whether The Mall With The Same Paragraph Yes
Color Classification Yellow
Item Number Y1501
Water Board Type Square Plate

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Product Q & A

What kind of shape is good for children to learn to use for swimming and floating boards?

Lightweight material similar to sponge, composed of two to three pieces, detachable. Some are a piece of composition. 2 children are bigger, have a...

Adult swimming swimming ring or floating board

Mainly to eliminate the fear of water and find the sense of water. The specific action hands hold the pool side, inhale and bow into the water, feet...

Can you use the back floating board for swimming?

However, this kind of floating board is not recommended for long-term use, because long-term use will make swimmers dependent, and the body will be a little more sinking after unwinding the backboard...

What are the correct tutorials for swimming backboards?

Board, the role is to just add a little buoyancy when you just learn to swim, let people experience the feeling of floating, that stuff is useless, up to...

Is it good to practice swimming with back drift or floating board?

Use a long time to practice the decomposition action. From the function: 1, the floating board can have more effects, separate arm strokes, kicking can practice; 2, back drift...

Practice swimming with back drift or floating belt

Swimming action, you will get twice the result with half the effort, it is best to prepare the following things: Watch the video of the floating swimming method online. After taking the swimming suit, go to the deep water area...

Is it good to learn to swim with a back float or a swimboard?

Affects the overall movement. It is not recommended for use in the beginner stage. Of course, the floating board is still very useful when doing water/kicking exercises or arm strokes.

I was learning to swim recently. The private teacher gave me a floating board on my back. My hand...

It should be noted that you should never panic, don't worry if you sink. Keep your eyes closed, don't pat the water, don't move too much. Sink to the bottom, this is what you will send...

Help, if you can't swim, use your back to float or float. Daren

Mainly used for breaststroke movements, avoiding the fact that the body is sinking and unable to make a coherent movement. If you look at your own feelings, it is definitely a good drift, because he can make...

I would like to ask which brand of floating board is good, adults need to use, learn to use when swimming....

It will be useless if it is used up to two times. The time spent on the floating board will be very long. It must be used when practicing floating and practicing leg exercises in the future.