Red dates longan wolfberry tea brown sugar qi and blood double supplement wolfberry rose tea tonic blood menstruation gouqi red date tea

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Product specifics
Brand Huaishan Church
Series Longan Red Date Wolfberry Tea
Origin China Mainland
Province Hubei Province
City Wuhan
Packing Type Boxed
Whether It Contains Sugar Sugary
Packing Package
Package Cycle Two Weeks
Types Of Tea Combination Flower Tea
Net Weight 200g
Production License Number SC11442011210757
Factory Name Huangjue's Natural Products Wuhan Co., Ltd.
Factory Site Room 8-1, Building 6, F6, Zhengtong Industrial Park, No. 776, Hui'an Avenue, Cihui Office, Dongxihu District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province
Manufacturer Contact 13544480302
Shelf Life 365
Production Date January 01, 2020 To March 25, 2020

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