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Calf N1 N1S direction handle modification Maverick electric car direction column direction handle

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Product Q & A

Maverick electric car N1S modification

A: The original battery is connected in parallel. As for the one you said, you need to change the line to start the line.

Which is better than the electric car Maverick N1S and the speedy CU

A: It depends mainly on what you need. The following is the analysis: From the battery point of view, the N1S is earlier than the CU. If the battery is not mistaken, it is 60 volts and 21 amps. The version of the CU is in the Beijing area., Due to legal and regulatory restrictions, there are currently three models of CU1, CU2 and CU3S. The largest battery capacity is CU2, which is 32 amps. CU1 and 2 are...

Who can tell me what this button is on the Maverick's N1s battery

Answer: this is a plug to charge the battery pack. Press the button, the following charging light will show a few bars of power, and the same as the mobile phone charger.

Can the Mavericks N1S start with a key change?

A: Overall, Maverick N1s passed the EU vehicle certification regulations, in appearance and N1 is not very different, but in some details, according to the official description, Maverick N1s from the range, control, design, driving, intelligence and other 5 aspects of more than 10 upgrades, But the main changes in the summary are such: 1, N1s key layout into

Can the Mavericks n1s accessories be installed on an ordinary electric car?

A: Maverick electric car accessories are dedicated to special cars, and other ordinary electric vehicles are not matched, if you feel pity you can participate in trade-in activities yo

How to use the double batteries on the top of the N1s of the calf electric vehicle in series?

A: That's parallel, not a piece, you put the second battery's positive edge to the controller's red line, the negative to the controller's black line, but be alert to the battery cross-charge situation, a mention of the controller under the seat bucket, the barrel four screws down, lift up to see, but do not recommend your own modification, but not recommend your own modification, Because the suppression of each other is a hemp

How to replace the electric switch of the calf n1s with a pull wire

A: The national speed limit, you can adjust, there are three speeds

How does N1s connect two batteries at the same time?

A: the positive pole of the backup battery directly to the controller's five lines red that root, negative to the black that root, but after going up there must be a dual-electric intercurrent suppressor, otherwise due to uneven discharge, will appear, the remaining battery to charge the battery less, and this charging current is very large and not constant current, Pressure over three volts

Calf N1S turn signal sound

It is OK. The spark plug electrode and the electric shock gap are recommended to be changed from 1 to 1.2 for 40,000 km.

The calf n1s power version of the front tire can not change 110

A: Dallas has piston hydraulic double disc brake + + EBS brake kinetic energy recovery system, manganese steel disc brake pads with after the first 220 mm 180 mm hydraulic brake calipers, main braking performance, has good adaptability under all-weather road environments. Double disc brake + EBS brake system, 20 km/h speed of the braking distance is only 1.37 meters, compared with the traditional drum brake without EB...