Chaoyang electric car 14 / 16X2.125 / 2.5 / 3.0 tire wear thickened electric car battery car tire

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Product specifics
Brand Chaoyang
Model 16X2.125
Article Number Chaoyang Hercules
Tire Specifications 14x2.12516X2.12516X2.516x3.0
Origin China Mainland
Scope Electric Bicycle
Color Classification God 16x3.0 Hercules + Tube 14x2.125 Popularity Strengthen 14x2.125 Popularity Strengthen + Tube 14x2.125 Hercules Hercules 14x2.125 Tube 14x2.5 + 14x2.5 Hercules Hercules + Tube

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Product Q & A

Electric car tire 14 * 2.125 * 14 can be replaced with 2.5 specifications do?

improved wheel> for the title, won the British government's patent. the first pneumatic tire was born the same year on December 10. tires are usually installed ...

Electric car tire 14 * 2.125 * 14 can be replaced with 2.5 specifications do?

A: Yes, 14X2.125 and 14X2.50 can be generic, like they do not rub masonry

Electric car tire 16 by 2.125 says what it means! There is to know it pro?

A: Hello .16 refers to the length of the radius of the tire casing .2.125 refers to the width of the tire you look carefully, you will find that there is a set of numbers, that is the tire tread model.

Electric car tire 16 * 16 * 2.5 * 3.0 16 2.125 it is the same wheels

A: Absolutely can, but should be replaced by a tube 16 * 3.0, I just changed the car a lot of running up and braking stability!

Electric car rim ring is replaced by 2.125 2.5 2.125 use the original tire ...

A: Yes, that is the tire may look fine point it does not matter

Electric car tire standard .18 * 2.125 54355 What does this mean?

355 is a tire nominal rim diameter 355mm addition: 1 inch 1 inch 25.4 mm

Electric cars are bought when the tire 16X2.125, and now can not change ...

A: It seems not change, because there is a vacuum tank top tire rims, tires are fixed vacuum, vacuum is not your previous births, if not, better not get.

Electric car tire inner tubes can be used 2.125 2.5 do? Otherwise the same parameters.

the tire speed and load index; 3. rim specifications, such as: the width of the offset and the like; 4. space; 5. car suspension system ...

How big is the 16*2.125 steel ring of the electric car tire

Answer: 16, 2.125 is a simple rim, you can just report this model when you buy it. The 16-3.0 tire is equipped with a 16-2.5 steel rim, which is a scooter.

Electric car tire models into a 14 * 14 * 2.5 2.125 What impact

the thicker, the better the grip easy to slip, the greater the running resistance but, on the contrary, the smaller the cross section of the casing cross-section such as road vehicles is less resistance 1.0, can ...