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Charge Mavericks M1/M+/N1s/U1/US/U+ electric car original battery anti-theft lock battery plate modification accessories

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Brand Karma
Color Classification M+ Iron Plate Battery Lock - Separate Lock Clip,M+ Iron Plate Battery Lock - Plus Gamma Lock,M+ Iron Plate Battery Lock - Plus Password Lock,M+ Stainless Steel Primary Color - Separate Lock Clip,M+ Stainless Steel Primary Color - Plus Gamma Lock,M+ Stainless Steel Primary Color - Plus Password Lock,M+ Stainless Steel Spray Paint - Separate Lock Clip,M+ Stainless Steel Spray Paint - Plus Gamma Lock,M+ Stainless Steel Spray Paint - Plus Password Lock,N1/N1S External - Stainless Steel Paint,N1/N1S External - Stainless Steel Primary Color,N1/N1S Built-in Anti-theft - Elite,N1/N1S Built-in Anti-theft - Distinguished Models,U1 Battery Lock - Iron Plate Paint With Lock,U1 Battery Lock - Stainless Steel Spray Paint Version,U1 Battery Lock - Stainless Steel Original Color Version,U1 Battery Lock - The Official Version Does Not Contain Locks,M1 Original Lock Clip - Does Not Contain Lock,M1 Original Lock Clip - Plus Password Lock,M1 High With - Paint Models Do Not Contain Locks,M1 High With - Paint And Password Lock,M1 High With - Primary Color Does Not Contain Lock,M1 High With - Primary Color Plus Password Lock,Need A Link Under The New U-US Battery Lock

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Product Q & A

How to protect the Mavericks n1s battery

A: Go to a treasure to buy a battery anti-theft lock! Enter the Mavericks n1s electric car battery anti-theft lock!

What is the difference between the Mavericks n1s Standard Edition and the Security Edition?

A: One is a standard configuration car, the other is a standard configuration of the car plus an insurance! On this difference, the best answer I see is also drunk.

How to evaluate the new Maverick N1S electric car

A: Overall, Maverick N1s passed the EU vehicle certification regulations, in appearance and N1 is not very different, but in some details, according to the official description, Maverick N1s from the range, control, design, driving, intelligence and other 5 aspects of more than 10 upgrades, But the main changes in the summary are such: 1, N1s key layout into

Who can tell me what this button is on the Maverick's N1s battery

Answer: this is a plug to charge the battery pack. Press the button, the following charging light will show a few bars of power, and the same as the mobile phone charger.

How to use the double batteries on the top of the N1s of the calf electric vehicle in series?

A: That's parallel, not a piece, you put the second battery's positive edge to the controller's red line, the negative to the controller's black line, but be alert to the battery cross-charge situation, a mention of the controller under the seat bucket, the barrel four screws down, lift up to see, but do not recommend your own modification, but not recommend your own modification, Because the suppression of each other is a hemp

How long can the Maverick Electric Car N1S battery last

A: The rule is 400 cycles, generally used for 3 years

Mavericks electric car n1s battery take someone to steal a car?

Answer: prevent gentleman not to prevent small person, especially calf n1 this kind of new style electric car, if somebody wants to steal you to bolt a tree to be able to give you to steal away, so have the place that saves a car or to save

How long is the calf n1s battery warranty?

A: The battery is generally guaranteed for 3 months. If the official has special instructions, it can be guaranteed for 1 year.

Can the Mavericks n1s accessories be installed on an ordinary electric car?

A: Maverick electric car accessories are dedicated to special cars, and other ordinary electric vehicles are not matched, if you feel pity you can participate in trade-in activities yo

Why does the n1s battery of calf electric bicycle charge up and not ride less

A: If you don't ride for a long time, the battery will discharge itself outwards, so electric cars don't take too long not to ride