Charging Mavericks M1 / ​​M + / N1s / U1 / US / U + electric vehicle original battery anti-theft lock battery board modified accessories

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Brand Min Chao
Color Classification M + Iron Plate Battery Lock-separate Lock Clip,M + Iron Plate Battery Lock-Jiayuema Lock,M + Iron Plate Battery Lock-plus Code Lock,M + Stainless Steel Primary Color-separate Lock Clip,M + Stainless Steel Primary Color-Jiayuema Lock,M + Stainless Steel Primary Color-plus Code Lock,M + Stainless Steel Spray Paint-separate Lock Clip,M + Stainless Steel Spray Paint-Jiayuema Lock,M + Stainless Steel Spray Paint-plus Code Lock,N1 / N1S External-stainless Steel Paint,N1 / N1S External-stainless Steel Primary Color,N1 / N1S Built-in Anti-theft-elite,N1 / N1S Built-in Anti-theft-distinguished Models,U1 Battery Lock-iron Plate Paint With Lock,U1 Battery Lock-Stainless Steel Painted Version,U1 Battery Lock-stainless Steel Primary Color Version,U1 Battery Lock-the Official Version Does Not Contain A Lock,Original M1 Lock Clip-no Lock Included,M1 Original Version Lock Clip-add Code Lock,M1 High-match-painted Models Do Not Include Locks,M1 High-match-painted Version With Combination Lock,M1 High Matching-primary Color Models Do Not Include Locks,M1 High Matching-primary Color Plus Code Lock,Need New U + US Battery Lock With Link Below

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Product Q & A

How to prevent theft of the Mavericks n1s battery

Answer: Go to a treasure to buy a battery anti-theft lock! Enter the Mavericks n1s electric car battery anti-theft lock!

What is the difference between Mavericks n1s Standard Edition and Security Edition

Answer: One is the standard configuration car, and the other is the standard configuration car plus an insurance! For this difference, the best answer I see is also drunk.

How to evaluate the new Mavericks N1S electric car

More than 10 items have been upgraded in 5 aspects such as design, driving, and intelligence, but the main changes are summarized as follows: 1.The key layout of N1s ...

Can anyone tell me what this button does on the N1s battery of the Mavericks electric car!

A: This is a plug to charge the battery pack. Click it, the charging light below will show a few grids of power, just like the mobile phone charging treasure.

How does the Maverick electric car N1s top pair dual battery connect in series?

Lift the controller under the seat barrel, remove the four screws from the seat barrel, and lift it to see it. But it is not recommended that you modify it yourself, because it is a hemp to inhibit mutual charging ...

How long can the Mavericks electric car N1S battery last?

Answer: The regulation is 400 cycles. It is generally used for 3 years.

Did the Mavericks electric car n1s battery take someone to steal the car?

Answer: The anti-gentleman is not anti-villain, especially the new type of electric car such as the Mavericks n1.

How long is the Mavericks n1s battery warranty

Answer: The battery is generally guaranteed for 3 months, if the official has special instructions, it can be guaranteed for 1 year.

Can Mavericks n1s accessories be installed on ordinary electric vehicles?

A: The accessories of the Mavericks electric vehicles are all for special vehicles, which is not compatible with other ordinary electric vehicles.If you feel sorry, you can participate in the trade-in activities.

Why the Mavericks electric car n1s battery is fully charged and does not ride down

Answer: If you don't ride for a long time, the battery will discharge itself, so don't let the electric car be too long to not ride.