Chengxingde 2019 Spring Tea Pre-Rain Handmade Lu'an Guarana Canned 250g

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Product specifics
Brand Chengxingde
Series Lu'an Melon Season Pick 250g
City Lu'an City
Shape Sheet
Origin China Mainland
Province Anhui Province
Food Technology Hongqing Green Tea
Packing Canned
Whether It Is Organic Food No
Picking Time Before Rain
Packing Package
Whether Imported Made In China
Taste Thick Mellow
Price Segment 100-199 Yuan
Tea Species Tea Product
Level Special Grade
Growing Season Spring
Net Weight 250g
Production License Number SC11434150305743
Product Standards DB34/T237
Make Anhui Lu'an Rongsheng Tea Industry Co., Ltd.
Factory Site Changzhu Village, Dushan Town, Yu'an District, Lu'an City, Anhui Province
Contact The Manufacturer 400-0564-767
Ingredients Dushan Small Leaf Tea Plant Fresh Leaves
Storage Method Dry And Clean, Cool And Low Temperature, No Odor And No Pollution In Sealed Environment
Shelf Life 365
Food Additives No
Production Date April 17, 2019 To September 01, 2019

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