China Southern Airlines A380 A350 B777 B787 aircraft model Air China HNA British Airways Boeing Airbus

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Brand Trbo
Model Aircraft Series Airliner
Color Classification 130B787 Air Canada Black Tail 1: 130B787 United
Model Type Finished Product

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Product Q & A

Are there any orders for Airbus a380

Guess whether this giant double-decker aircraft will be discontinued due to insufficient demand.On January 18th, Dubai-based Emirates ...

On the Emirates Airbus a380, the ice in-flight entertainment system has a total of ...

Answer: 58 ... including 56 orders ...

Which location is best for Emirates Airbus A380-800?

Stretching. I often choose this kind of seat. Secondly, the thing I want to tell you is that every time I take the plane of his home, I feel that the seat is crowded, even sometimes ...

What airlines have the A380 so far

Five of the company's. These should have been delivered ... because they have been opened ...