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Chinese style, traditional handicrafts, foreigners, Chinese gifts, practical foreign affairs, overseas gifts, foreigners

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Product specifics
Brand Yipin Court
Color Classification Round - Lotus Pond Moonlight,Round - Pastel National Color,Round - National Color,Round - Beaming,Round-hobby Map,Round--Red Plum Spring,Ring-butterfly Flower,Ring-red Plum Spring,Ring-national Color,Long Strips - Pastel National Color,Long Strip-butterfly Flower,Drop-shaped - Butterfly Love Flower,Drop Shape - National Color,Mirror Type - Pastel National Color,Clothing Shape - Chinese Cheongsam,Bowl Shape - Yi Jiangnan,Bowl Shape - Mei Kai Wu Fu,Lock Shape - Glaze Gold Lotus Pond Moonlight,Ruyi Lock - Butterfly Love Flower,Ruyi Lock - Bird Language,Heart Shape - Butterfly Love Flower,Wishing Bottle - National Color,Wishing Bottle - Beaming,Bowl Shape - Pastel National Color
Item Number True Porcelain Pendant
Province Shanghai

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