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Classical guitar string knob triple string knob twist guitar string quasi axis knob winding instrument square head plastic column

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Color Classification Left And Right Rows Of Suits,The Left Button In A Row,The Right Button In A Row

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Product Q & A

Classical guitar head string button metal part oxidation how to clean ah

A: Do not know what kind of gear your piano, in general, knob oxidation does not need to be processed, in general, in general: First, the more high-end whole single piano, will be placed in the box to save, knob oxidation is very slight, completely do not affect the use of the oxide layer itself is a protection of the metal, two, more common joint piano, This less expensive fitting board

The specifications of the string buttons of the classical guitar are not all suitable for the average classical guitar

A: guitar knobs in general specifications are uniform, but occasionally there are some brands and models of the piano exception, your piano is a separate, should want to change one, so you can first remove the discarded knob, measure the size of each part, and then, online slowly Taobao bar, find a good reputation, he will tell you the size of the knob, he will tell you the size of the knob, Normally the difference is not

Why don't classical guitars use closed string buttons

A: Hello friend, as a long-time guitar enthusiast, I think this is: Ji it itself design reasons, in fact, some Spanish guitars, classical head is still around the steel string, closed knob for the life of steel string protection is better, and classical guitar is nylon string sidonted without worrying about rust oxidation problem

The right direction of the knob when the guitar is on string

A: 1 to 3, tight string, from the front of the piano, from the head to the direction of the piano neck turn 4 to 6, tight string, from the front of the piano, from the neck to the direction of the piano head if the reverse, not only the tone is not allowed, the string on the string will have damage, serious cases will break the string