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Classical guitar string button triple string button twisted guitar string quasi-axis knob on the winding head square head plastic column

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Color Classification Left And Right Rows Of Suits,Left Button Row,Right Button Row

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Product Q & A

How to clean the metal part of the classical guitar head chord?

Does not affect the use. And the oxide layer itself is a kind of protection for the metal. Second, the more common plywood. This low cost plywood...

What is the difference between semi-closed and fully enclosed guitar strings?

All kinds of knobs, the quality of the knob is mainly to see if the string can maintain the pitch during the playing, the difference is particularly easy to run the string

Guitar string twist, guitar knob string, guitar string twisting silk how to do

A: Find the same style of the string button for a new one, you can find the guitar brand's after-sales service to do more simple processing, my own SAKYNG game song brand guitar after-sales service is very secure.

What is the role of the mat on the knob of the guitar tuning?

The gears will be uncoordinated, so there will be such a situation. I don’t think that the mat is broken. The string is broken and the friction is too large or the center is not round...

How to pick and change guitar strings

The product. Trying to install a mismatched string knob on the guitar will not only cause the instrument to depreciate, but also cause mechanical problems. So, I...

Is the guitar's chord knob fully enclosed or semi-closed, or...

Most of the products are closed. The high-end open type is more. The domestic guitars are generally closed.

The gear inside the closed guitar knob of the folk guitar is broken. How to change it? Ask for advice.

How to install it. This is easy.

When tuning, when you twist the guitar knob, you can hear the sound of the cymbal but the strings...

The phenomenon mentioned is usually two cases: 1 the string is not hung, and the string will be separated from the shaft while the string is twisted. It is necessary to re-enter the string 2 the tail of the string...

Why is the first string of the guitar not tight, very loose, and after a few turns...

Observe which position the worm gear will go to. See where it is stuck. Then use a knife or other tool to see if you can cut it over... Hope...

Guitar tuning, as shown in the figure, the three strings on the right side of the guitar, clockwise twist is...

It is tight, that is, the pitch is high. To the guitar, it is loose in the direction of the body, that is, the pitch is low.