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Classical guitar string button triple string knob twisted guitar string quasi-axis knob on the coil head square head plastic column

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Color Classification Left And Right Rows Of Suits,Left Button Row,Right Button Row

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Product Q & A

How to clean up the metal part of the classical guitar head string button?

Does not affect the use. And the oxide layer itself is a kind of protection for the metal. Second, the more common plywood. This relatively low cost plywood...

The specifications of the classical guitar's string knobs are suitable for general classical guitars.

The size of each part. Then, slowly on the Internet, find a good reputation, he will tell you the size of the knob. Under normal circumstances, the difference is not...

Why do classical guitars do not use closed string buttons?

Life protection is better, and classical guitars are nylon strings that don't have to worry about rust and oxidation.

When the guitar is wound, the correct direction of the knob??!!!

Not only the tone is not accurate, but the string on the top is too tight, which will damage the strings. In severe cases, the strings will break.