Car fridge magnet cute baby early childhood magnetized magnetic stickers fridge stickers affixed to a soft three-dimensional decoration

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Product specifics
Pattern Cartoon Anime
Style Simple And Modern
Origin China Mainland
Province Guangdong Province
City Yangjiang
Color Classification 12 Car Set,11 Paige,12 Lunar New Year,12 Set,12 Fruits,12 Fish,12 Boat,Face A 12 Pack,Expressions Package 2 12,Hamburg Combination 10,Winnie The Combination 10,Fujiya Combination Of A 12,Fujiya Combination 2 12,Fujiya Combination Of Three 12,A Combination Of Clouds Rainbow 12,A Combination Of Two Clouds Rainbow 12,Baiyun Rainbow Combination Of Three 12,Clouds Rainbow With Four 12,Eat A Combination Of Goods 12,Food Goods Combination 2 12,A Combination Of 13 Fruits And Vegetables,Fruits And Vegetables Combination 2 25,Vehicle Combination Packages 28,Vehicle 9
Slices Other
Size / Processing Method In
Article Number Cy024
Sales Unit Set

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Product Q & A

What soft magnetic fridge magnet HS codes with customs

A: The reference tariff 85,051,190.00 other metal permanent magnet and the permanent magnet