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Dedicated to M1 electric car U1 / US / U + / U1b / U1c waterproof switch P gear waterproof cover modified silicone

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Product specifics
Brand Xie A Man
Color Classification U1 / U1b / US / U1c Black Models - Right,U1 / U1b / US / U1c Black Models - Left,U1 / U1b / US / U1c Black Waterproof Package Left + Right,U + A / U + B Black Models - Right

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Product Q & A

How to install the calf u1 license? The holes are not right.

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Mavericks U1 electric vehicles and M1 which is better

imported motor life is good place to put something too few shortcomings sit bucket can not put the things you want to install a ...


Answer: Of course it can. There is a protective circuit that will not overcharge. You can touch the charger and battery after a green light, and it will not heat up.

Can the Mavericks U1 really be licensed?

Answer: Most regions can be licensed

Mavericks u1 power version battery is not small, why the battery life is short

Answer: Could you describe the situation in detail?

How much is the calf u1 tire pressure

Answer: How much tire pressure should be used is based on the recommended value of the car factory. The recommended value of the car air pressure can usually be found in the following places: vehicle user manual, label near the pillar near the door B of the cab, drawer near the driver's seat of the vehicle, small door of the fuel tank cover


Answer: wfw28567

Can the Mavericks Electric U1 meet the endurance of a day's work?

Don't compare it

Mavericks electric vehicles powered version of the Metro and the fastest respectively, can be opened to how many horses

top speed: 20km / h with the following voltages: 60V mileage: 65km or more for the crowd: adult calf electric vehicle version: production ...

The Mavericks Electric U1 looks so small, can it carry people?

Answer: It is still very powerful if it bears weight. I have no problem with riding a body of two hundred pounds. I can still ride normally.