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Dedicated to Mavericks electric car M+ hook M+ baggage front bag hook CNC aluminum alloy fittings

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Brand Other/other
Color Classification Classic - M+ Hook Without Hole Black,Classic - M+ Hook Without Hole Silver,Classic - M+ Hook With Hole Black,Classic - M+ Hook With Hole Silver,Classic - M+ Hook With Perforated Titanium,Classic - M+ Hook With Hole Red,Classic - M+ Hook With Hole Blue,Upgrade - M+ Hook Black,Upgrade - M+ Hook Silver

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Product Q & A

Mavericks m+ electric car What is the use of plastic hooks?

A: The bag on which you can buy food can be hung on it.

What is the difference between the M-type and the M+ model of the Mavericks electric car? M+ is more expensive, but...

A: 呐dtigixkhc-xxticvj hit you on the phone, don’t be hungry, still go to work, what’s the size of it, 呐 呢 呃呃 呃呃 baby hungry baby hungry v

I want to ask the Mavericks M+ how about this electric car?

A: I think it is very OK. M+ not only has a long cruising range, but also has a variety of black technologies such as intelligent positioning, cruise control and intelligent alarm, which meets the needs of modern people.