Calf dedicated electric vehicle N1 / N1S / NQi / NQiGT LED lamp atmosphere to facilitate the appearance and practical to install

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Brand Xie A Man
Color Classification N1 / N1S / NQi A Blue Technology,N1 / N1S / NQi A Warm Red,N1 / N1S / NQi A Pure White

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Product Q & A

N1s led the Mavericks back how to install

the line to get it. it took the screws get in big trouble if not original sales would ask the store.

Mavericks n1s ordinary electric car accessories can be installed right

A: The calf electric car accessories are car-specific, like other ordinary electric vehicles do not match, but if you feel you can participate in trade activities yo

How to evaluate a new calf N1S electric car

design, drive, intelligence and other aspects of the five upgrade more than 10, but conclude there are major changes in these points: 1.N1s button layout into ...

What is the difference calf n1s Standard and Security

A: One is the standard configuration of the car, the other is a standard configuration plus a safety car on this distinction, I think the best answer is drunk!.

Mavericks n1s display on p twinkling Why

A: It should be possible!

Mavericks electric car battery how long can N1S

A: The requirement is 400 cycles typically used for 3 years.

Mavericks n1s not run 140 km

A: The garbage truck can be 70 km top of days, a week might as well just bought a small cattle life

Can anyone tell me the button on the calf N1s battery electric car is doing it!

A: This is a plug to charge the battery pack by clicking the following charging light shows several grid electricity, and mobile phone charging treasure the same.

Dallas-speed electric vehicles N1S and Ke which is better compared to CU

, due to laws and regulations, there are currently CU1, CU2 and CU3S three models of which the largest battery capacity is CU2, Ann's capacity is 32, while CU1 and 2 are ...

Mavericks top with dual electric car battery how N1s in series to use?

the controller mention here below the barrel, the barrel four screws sit down, lift the saw, but do not recommend that you modify their own, because the charge was a mutual inhibition Ma ...