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Dedicated to Mavericks electric car U1 / U1b modified accessories battery mat battery anti-wear

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Brand Xie A Man
Color Classification U1 / U1b Battery Wear Block 1

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Product Q & A

The top version of the calf is equipped with lead-acid batteries. Can it be installed. What needs to be changed.

600 times, 30% lost in 3 years, and 50% left in 5 years, the key depends on the number of times you charge. Maverick smart electric scooter: 1. Maverick electric scooter uses ...

How to deal with the protection of the old Mavericks electric car battery

Answer: Do you mean controller low voltage protection?

How about the battery of Mavericks electric car?

The key is how many times you charge.

Take out the battery of the Mavericks electric car and charge it, the car will not be used, what to do ...

Answer: You try to put the charged battery back, connect the wire, insert the key and open the door to see

Can anyone tell me what this button does on the M1 electric car N1s battery!

Answer: This is a plug that charges the battery pack. Click once, and the charging lamp below will display a few cells, just like the mobile phone charging treasure.

Mavericks electric car battery cracked

The casing can repair the battery, but the sealing problem is more difficult to solve, and it needs to be handled by a professional repairman. Generally, it needs to be replaced with a new one ...

Can the Mavericks electric vehicle be installed with other batteries of the same voltage?

Answer: The same voltage can be used.

Mavericks electric car battery can't be charged?

Answer: Hello, 1.First, change another charger and confirm whether the charger is damaged. 2.If the charger is normal, the battery may not be powered or damaged.

How much imitation calf electric vehicle battery 6

A: Look to see the brand configuration, you will not talk nonsense with lithium, lead-acid will be a lot cheaper if.

Mavericks electric car battery life is how much?

A: If the capacity of not less than 20% of the charge, can be a year or so, if there is less than 20% of electricity charging experience, life will be greatly shortened.