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Dedicated to Mavericks electric car N1/N1S/U1/UM/US/U+/U1c water cup holder bicycle bottle cage

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Brand Other/other
Color Classification N1/N1S Special Bottle Cage,U1/US/U+/U1b/U1c Special Bottle Cage,UM Special Bottle Cage

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Product Q & A

What is the speed limit for the Mavericks m1 electric car?

The product is divided into two versions: urban version and power version. It has a cruising range of 80 kilometers and 100 kilometers respectively. Function configuration: The calf electric scooter adopts...

Can the front pedal of the calf M1 electric car take a child seat?

Answer: No, electric bicycles can only be rided by one person.

How to unlock the m1

Then press the start button and the front wheel brake for 10 seconds to ten to release the start button, continue to pinch the brake for 1 second, then release it to complete the crack...

The Mavericks electric car m1 screen shows 63! What does this mean?

A: Take a picture, there are no photos, who knows whether it is voltage or display speed?

How does the youth version of the calf M1 electric car feel about its lithium-ion life?

Answer: Unreasonable, lead-acid batteries have the highest cost performance ratio, which is one of the reasons why more lead-acid batteries are used in electric vehicles.

Where can calf M1 be licensed in Chengdu?

Answer: To design a speed-limiting device with fastening and automatic power-off function at a maximum speed of not more than 20 km/h. The center distance between front and rear wheels is not more than 1.2 m. The quality of an empty car does not exceed 40 kg without batteries, and the quality of the whole car does not exceed 55 kg without batteries. No more.

What are the lights and taillights of the calf electric vehicle M1?

Answer: The burglar alarm is broken.

How long does the M1 fast charge of the calf electric car last

Answer: If the battery is charged with the original charger, the remaining charge is 20%. Generally, it is designed to charge for 68 hours.

Can the Mavericks electric car M1 powered version use the youth or urban version of the charger?

The key depends on how many times you charge.

Mavericks m1 electric car crack speed limit

,knock off!