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Dedicated to the Mavericks electric car N1/N1S special wheel Straight paragraph No need to modify Fool installation

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Product Q & A

How to evaluate the new Mavericks N1S electric car

Design, driving, intelligent and other five aspects have been upgraded more than 10 items, but the main changes are summarized as follows: 1. N1s button layout into...

What is the difference between the Mavericks n1s Standard Edition and the Security Edition?

A: One is a standard configuration car, the other is a standard configuration of the car plus an insurance! On this difference, the best answer I see is also drunk.

Can the Mavericks n1s accessories be installed on an ordinary electric car?

A: The accessories of the Mavericks electric car are all dedicated to the car. It is not compatible with other ordinary electric cars. If you feel that it is a pity to participate in the trade-in activities哟

Maverick electric car N1S modification

A: The original battery is connected in parallel. As for the one you said, you need to change the line to start the line.

Where can I buy the Mavericks N1S electric car in Beijing?

A: The price has been announced: more foot insurance, linear acceleration, double flash, fixed speed, integrated shell, cushion storage can accommodate a spare battery, adaptive headlights, some messy small functions

How much is the calf electric car and the number

Of course, regardless of N1, N1s is worth mentioning. In short, this electric car is fortunate enough to fall into the hands of Sina Technology Xiaobian. I don’t know anything about cars...

Maverick electric car N1s top with dual battery how to use in series?

Lift the controller under the seat bucket, put the four screws in the bucket down, and lift it up to see it. But it is not recommended to modify it yourself, because suppressing mutual charge is a hemp...

Can anyone tell me what this button is on the Mavericks electric car N1s battery!

A: This is a plug, charging the battery pack. Press the button below, the charging light will display a few grids, the same as the mobile phone charging treasure.

How long can the Maverick Electric Car N1S battery last

A: The rule is 400 cycles, generally used for 3 years

Can the voltage of n1s charger be changed to 71.4v

Answer: he is how many volts, not big difference