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Dedicated wheels for Mavericks electric car N1 / N1S straight on, no need to modify, fool installation

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Brand Xie A Man
Color Classification Bright Black,Matte Black,Gray,Red,Golden,Silver,Blue

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Product Q & A

How to evaluate a new calf N1S electric car

design, drive, intelligence and other aspects of the five upgrade more than 10, but conclude there are major changes in these points: 1.N1s button layout into ...

What is the difference calf n1s Standard and Security

A: One is the standard configuration of the car, the other is a standard configuration plus a safety car on this distinction, I think the best answer is drunk!.

Can the Mavericks n1s accessories be installed on ordinary electric cars?

Answer: The accessories of Mavericks electric vehicles are exclusively for special vehicles, which are not compatible with other ordinary electric vehicles. If you feel unfortunate, you can participate in the trade-in event

Mavericks electric car N1S modification

Answer: Connect the original battery in parallel. As for the change you said, you need to change the circuit.

Beijing where to buy electric cars calf N1S

A: The price has been published: more than a foot insurance, linear acceleration, double flash, constant speed, integrated housing, the cartridge seat to accommodate a spare battery may increase, small features adaptive headlights a mess

How much money and shape of the Mavericks electric car

Of course, regardless of N1 or N1s, in short, this electric car was fortunately in the hands of Sina Technology. I do n’t know anything about cars ...

How does the M1 electric car N1s with dual batteries connect in series?

Lift the controller under the seat bucket, lower the four screws of the seat bucket, and lift it up to see it. But it is not recommended that you modify it yourself, because suppressing mutual charging is a hemp ...

Can anyone tell me what this button does on the M1 electric car N1s battery!

Answer: This is a plug that charges the battery pack. Click once, and the charging lamp below will display a few cells, just like the mobile phone charging treasure.

How long can the Mavericks electric car N1S battery last

Answer: The regulation is 400 cycles. The general use is 3 years.

Mavericks n1s charger voltage can be changed to 71.4v it

A: He is the number of volts or less can