Delixi three-phase four-wire 4 pole leakage circuit breaker plastic case switch DZ15LE-100 4901 100A 63A

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Product specifics
Brand Tracy
Model DZ15LE
Origin China Mainland
Power Supply Alternating Current
Voltage 1000V And Below
Rated Current 100A,40A,63A
Arc Extinguishing Method Vacuum Circuit Breaker
Type Of Leakage Protector 4p
Pole Number 2P,3P,4p

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Product Q & A

Delixi dz15le one 100/4901 switch is off and the zero line is still on


Delixi leakage switch DZ15LE-1002901 how to connect the wiring? No N ...

Answer: It's two lines at the top, and two lines at the bottom. It doesn't matter whether it's N line or L line. It seems that the N line is not a switch, but only a zero sequence transformer.

Delixi dz15le-100 / 3901 Why disconnect it when it is connected, what is the problem

I know it in a try. 2. The type selection problem, the above switch is a three-phase three-wire system, if your load has a neutral line, you must use 3N901 or 4901 and other three-phase ...