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Carlogis HD Night Vision Dual Lens 24-hour monitoring of the new hidden radio dog Universal 2

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  • $39.08

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Product specifics
Model SH-BK(6094)
Features Front And Rear Double Lens,Before And After Recording,Collision Sensing,Mobile Speed,Fixed Speed,Parking Monitoring,WIFI,GPS Positioning,Motion Detection,WeChat Check Car, Intelligent Voice Control, WeChat Access, Illegal Inquiry, FM Launch,,Cycle The Video,Night Vision Fill Light
Run A Memory 1GB
Color Classification Default Black Other Please Note
Package Set Of Six,Package Five,Package Four,Package Three,Package 2,Package One,Official Standardization
Screen Size Without Screen
Installation Type Special Vehicle
Main Lens Aperture F2.0
The Lens Number Double Lens
Picture Pixel 12 Million
Camera Pixels 12 Million
The Picture Perspective 170°
Image Resolution 1080p

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Product Q & A

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A: gentleness, vigor and a keenness of

Carlogis dual lens with electronic dog navigation HD night vision 7 inch screen reversing shadow

A: Remove the original car rear view mirror installation or attach the recorder directly to the rear view mirror with a bandage

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Choose a driving recorder that is too cheap, and the driving recorder with too low price is built-in lithium battery. This driving recorder is...

360 driving recorder with electronic dog?

A: The 360 ​​driving recorder does not have an electronic dog. If you want to know more details, you can visit the 360 ​​Mall to view the details.

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High definition. Then the price, cost-effective is also worth considering. 360 driving recorder I used...

Lingdu driving recorder double lens How to install electronic dog

A: The best in the car home Lingduo model!

How about the E-line V19 driving recorder? The dual-lens with electronic dog flow...

The performance of the electronic dog will decline, and the stability of the driving recorder will also decrease. If everything is there, it is not as fine. Professional East...

Car driving recorder double lens electronic dog reversing image does not display image is...

A: The driving recorder has no reversing image. There are generally several reasons for this. 1 The line is not in good contact or the rear reversing line plug is not plugged or the plug is loose. 2 Reversing the camera is damaged. 3 Driving recorder is damaged.

How about the Sukkis810a Dashi s810a Dashcam HD electronic dog all-in-one machine

A: I bought one in Jingdong, in use, radar broadcast early warning or relatively sensitive good, the computer side can also see the daily driving track map Oh, the price is quite high